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                Welcome To Taizhou Yongyao Plastic Co., Ltd. Website,We will be happy to serve you!
                Everbrilliant fashion soap dispenser network best soap dispenser, soap dispenser About Yongyao
                About Culture Throughput
                We will be the most sincere service and new and old customers to work closely together to create a better end. New product! New business opportunities! New money view! Look forward to your joining together, win win win! Welcome to star ware visit the guidance and business negotiation.
                Service Hotline:0576-88018988
                NEWS MEDIA  
                OUR ADVANTAGE  
                Make consumers have a sense of well-being of the product
                Yongyao ware on the basis of traditional technology, the integration of the modern style of design and production process, the production of products, fashionable, safety, health, environmental protection, quality is stable and reliable, and by the favor of customers at home and abroad.

                OEMm achining

                We focus on providing customers with high cost liquid soap series products, focusing on the industry for fifteen years, has experienced R & D personnel, to provide customers with a full range, high-quality, professional service quality

                Environmental protection system

                We perform clean production, will produce process and product take the overall preventive environmental strategy, reduce or eliminate its potential harm to human beings and the environment, while fully satisfy human needs, to maximize the social and economic benefits.

                Carton fair

                Each year to participate in "China Import and Export Fair", products exported to the United States, Canada, France, Ukraine, Russia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries by the customer consistent high praise, and suggest the long-term relations of cooperation